Ignition Client blocked by Java Security

Hi there,

I am running an ignition 7.9.3 server and every time I launch a project, I am getting an error saying that the Ignition Client is Blocked by Java Security. The latest fix I could find for this is here:
but it does not mention that 7.9.3 certificates are expired now.

I can not do the java client side exception since I have too many clients and the Java Control Panel is not accessible. It also is also shown when we launch the designer.

Any Suggestions?

You need to run older java or newer Ignition. v7.9.x is still under long term support, so you should consider upgrading to the latest. Side benefit of later versions is they bundle a suitable copy of java in the client launcher.

If you are still using web-launch (JNLP links), start migrating away. There’s no future for them, as support for them has been dropped in current versions of java, and dropped in Ignition v8+.

Let me just confirm this.
By upgrading from 7.9.3 to 7.9.14 (the current latest stable), I should have this error message disappear.
We plan to move away from the web-launch links in the next few months after these

Yes, 7.9.3 was released more than three years ago, with embedded certificates that were already a few years old at the time. Upgrading to a new version of Ignition means upgrading to new certificates, which Java shouldn’t complain about being expired.