Ignition client launcher cutting off tree navigation

When running a project on certain clients ignition does not size the screen correctly which can lead to the navigation tree being cut off and unusable. I have seen it happen on an older laptop as well as when i try to launch it on my laptop display when I’m also connected to larger monitors. I’ve attached a picture of the good and bad loads. I’m not sure if there is anything I’ve missed in the settings that would cause this.

What are the layout settings of the tree view? If it’s in a docked view, it should be anchored to all sides, which would prevent it from ‘filling’ to the top as long as that image component is also docked to the top and left.

Its Docked to the West, i’m not sure If I’m missing something else.

Check the ‘layout constraints’ (right click the component, or Ctrl + L) - the header image should be ‘anchored’, with anchors on the top and left, and the tree view should be anchored, with anchors on all four sides (meaning that it will always fill to expand the size of the docked window).

More info: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/Working+with+Components#WorkingwithComponents-ComponentLayout