Ignition Client Launcher Installation


I am trying to install Ignition Client Launcher on Microsoft Surface Tablet with 64 bit windows 10 installed on it, but I get a message that ". This is a 32 Bit OS . The Vision Client Launcher Cannot be installed.

Anyone has any idea why is that?.

Can you confirm the OS and bitness by looking at (or getting a screenshot of) the system info via Control Panel\System and Security\System? Also, which specific Surface model is this?


Model : Surface Pro X
Here is the system info . Thanks for your help

We don’t have a 64-bit ARM build for Windows right now. This system will only be able to run Perspective in a browser.

Thanks for your reply Kevin. But we already have Microsoft surface tablet with Vision Client running on it.
It was installed by my boss (passed out) he reported me about this problem even when he installed on that surface tablet. But I don’t know how he managed to resolve this.

here is the system info of that tablet with Vision client running on it.systeminfo

any ideas?

Try disabling the Client Launcher’s embedded JRE. You’ll need 64-bit Java 11 installed on the box in the normal fashion.

Looks like the exact same screenshot to me.

Thanks pturmel.

I will try this and will update. I found one article which explains what you told.

ha ha Kevin, I am relying on the guys in the field as they are sending me the screen shots. But I believe on the fact that the previous tablet also has ARM processor and the client is running on it. I will try pturnel suggestion and will let you know.

Rule #1 of troubleshooting: Don’t believe anything anyone tells you. @Kevin.Herron’s got it down. :laughing: