Ignition Client Lost Comm from Master Server

Today my customer encountered intermittent gateway lost comm on client computer every few seconds. Two client computers had encountered this today (not at the same time, few hours apart). Both clients have been running continuously for 3 to 4 days. It keeps lost comm and recover and lost comm until user restart the Ignition client application, then it will back to normal operation.

it happens around 9:30am, 1 February 2015, i have looked into the log file and cannot find any error (you may ignore the node sync message). I have upload a video for the incident. Will this caused by the client used up all the network port for connection between client and master server? Anyone encountered this before? Any idea?
VID-20150201-WA0000.zip (1.56 MB)

The client’s log might reveal some useful clues. Is this something that is reproducible? If so, we can turn up some of the client loggers to try to get some more information.

Where can i get the client’s log?

You have to open the client and then navigate to Help -> Diagnostics, then you click on the Console tab.

Can this be done in full screen mode or must be in windowed mode?

You can do this in full screen mode, but it does depend on your Menu Bar being visible. You control the Menu Bar visibility by navigating to Project Menu -> Project Properties and then to User Interface (under Client). You would then check or uncheck the “Hide Menu Bar” checkbox.