Ignition Client Opens then Closes - Platform Not Supported

I have a customer running ignition v7.6.6 and they are trying to open an ignition application on a Windows 10-64bit PC running Java 8 Update 101, and whenever the customer logs into the ignition client, about 5-10 seconds after logging in, the whole window closes.

I did a bit of digging and setup a Java trace and found the following in the trace log…

INFO [Gateway-Thread-13] Starting up polling tag manager, polling rate: 250 ms
INFO [ReportingClientHook-Thread-13] Starting up Reporting Module. Mode: Activated
Initializing ReportMill (Build Date: May-27-05, Version 9.0, JVM 25.101-b13, User cwells)
INFO [Gateway-Thread-13] Starting tag polling.
INFO [FPMIApp-AWT-EventQueue-2] Starting Up…
WARN [ClientScriptConfig-AWT-EventQueue-2] Started up without shutting down first.
Serialio Library: version 10.0.4: build 9212
Copyright © 1996-2009 Serialio.com, All Rights Reserved.
os.name=“Windows 10” os.arch=“amd64”
osName=Windows 10 osArch=amd64
Platform not supported, check VM properties os.name & os.arch

I seen a similar post for this issue and the solution was to upgrade to v7.7.8 beta.
(inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … com#p56429)

If upgrading is not an option, what else could I try?
Any suggestions?

I’m not 100% this is the issue because there’s not enough information in the logs, but it may be something to do with having the Serial Client Module. If you uninstall that can the client be launched?

I can try uninstalling the serial module, however, I have another project which does use the serial module, will that other project then stop working since the serial module is now uninstalled?

It’s a live system, so I have to be careful with what I do when testing.

Is there any other logging you can suggest I do to get additional info to diagnose this issue?


Ah, in that case, you probably shouldn’t uninstall the module.

Is there an hs_err_xxxx.pid crash log being generated by Java somewhere on your system?

If it’s the serial library crashing, which seems likely because you’re trying to run an old version of it on an OS that wasn’t released at the time, I think your only option may be to upgrade…

I can’t seem to locate the hs_err_xxxx.pid crash log mentioned.

In another post I seen:
inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … ial#p56429

It is suggested to update the serial module to v7.7.8 for windows 10 support, is it possible to run ignition v7.6.6 (older) with a v7.7.8 (newer) serial module?