Ignition client send data to plc by means of RS232 possible?

I want to study the possibility of the following case:

  1. I want to running a ignition Client App on a desktop that get the data from my company ERP, such as the length of the product
  2. This desktop have a com port that can be use for rs232
  3. PLC side also have the rs232 module
    My question is whether that is possible let the ignition client send the data(Length such as 192.345) to the plc by means of the Com Port?
    Perhaps you will ask , siemens plc can connect to the opc-ua , why you need use rs 232, because my factory have 3 these machine , every machine have different IP, and it’s position is very hard to connect to ignition’s network. My desktop PC can use wireless to get the data and if i install only 1 rs232 can send the length data , that will be the most convenient

I can’t see why not, Ignition has a bunch of serial scripting functions that can help you.


thanks, i will try to have a demo test tomorrow according your suggestion