Ignition Client Slows Down and Crashes after opening a lot of pages

So I am running Version 7.9.16 and for some reason my clients will slow down and eventually crash after more and more pages get opened up. I have it set to close the page when a new page is opened, set the cache to never on all pages and also changed the garbage collector to the G1GC. Anyone know what else I can try or what it could be?

Could be a memory leak. Could just be not enough memory.

How much memory are you allowing clients to use? Do you see any patterns in client memory use (from the diagnostics in each client)?

Thats my setting and each client has 8GB of RAM. How do I check the diagnostics on each client?

From the menu (in the client) on the right.

Turn on the additional menus (even if just for testing) in the designer then update the client and go here:


Or just press Ctrl+Shift+F7 to bring up the diagnostics window :wink:

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Using swap window will automatically do this

So after opening one of my pages I noticed this in the error logs of the client theres a lot of them. All saying the same thing just different objects.

Ok I believe I figured it out. Turns out my template had some random text in there and wasnt clearing so I remade the template and its all good now. Thanks guys forgot about the diagnostic tool on the clients. I will let you know if the issue continues.

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So I am back again. Turns out the client is still slowling down and then crashing eventually. It has something to do with the template repeater. My question is there anyway I can clear any memory when I close a page? Or is there anything I should look into. I updated Ignition to 7.9.15 and changed the Garbage Collector to G1GC. I also made it so MySQL queries only run once at the beginning through a dataset tag and then I read that tag.