Ignition client start bug

Can someone please tell why this is happening every second time I run the client?
The WebLaunchers starts up in some kind of infinite loop and the only way to kill is reboot the PC.

Any chance you could enable the Java console (in the Java settings in Control Panel) and get the contents of it, if possible, while this is happening?

I can try.
The PC freezes when it happens.

Where do you want the log?

Attach it here or send it to support. I don’t think there’s anything sensitive in it.

IgnitionClientLog.txt (13.9 KB)
IgnitionDesignerLog.txt (34.4 KB)

Can’t seem to start the client now, happens every time.

Well those don’t really have anything useful.

Hail Mary: delete everything in C:\Users\El-Pro\.ignition\ and try to launch again.

If that doesn’t work call into support and get an official ticket going for this.

Thank you, will try this.

Just an update to this.
This seems to be a bug with remote desktop and doesn’t happen when logged on to the gateway PC locally.
Also, launching the designer or clients through the gateway doesn’t cause any problems either.

What happens if you use the native client launcher?