Ignition Clients running slowly

I have an ignition server V 8.0.1 installed on a Windows10 Server PC with Intel core i5 processor and 16GB RAM.
The overall project and system details are as follows:
1) The architecture is such that the gateway will be having 10 projects, each project in each PC with different PLC’s.
2) The client PC’s are having a RAM of 8 GB.
3) The total number of tags used for the entire project is around 20K.
4) There are almost 110 scripts(Event scripts, client event scripts, property change scripts) used in one project so for 10 projects 1,100 scripts are running parallelly, otherthan scripts there are around 600 database queries also running parallely.
5) History enabled tags are not been used in the project.

So the problem is that when i open and run projects on the client side, it is taking a lot of time to load the project and there are delays happening while navigating through screens.
I have tried the solutions that i got from forum which are:
1) Increasing the heap size
2) Checked on the running scripts in gateway page.
3) Checked on the scripts which are taking high execution time.
4) Checked on the CPU and RAM usage and found out that it is also in the normal range.

But all these couldn’t solve the problem. Looking forward for a solution at the earliest

If there is a software solution, it will certainly involve upgrading to the latest supported version. 8.0.1 is ancient with countless known bugs. You should upgrade and then report continued problems.

Also, Vision or Perspective?