Ignition Communication Router Ewon and PLC Siemens

I am developing a system to send Alarms of a PLC trought an Ewon.
Basically The Ewon should be directly connected to the PLC (s7-300), and then it uses a Sim card (data one) to publish all the data over the internet at a public address. The public Ip to which I am sending datas is dynamic so I made a dynamic DNS to catch the Ip variations.
I have configured the Ewon and the PLC, and they do exchange datas. We’re actually doing our test with a s7-1200 plc trought its profinet port, ISOTCP protocol, the only one we could use in this case.
The first issue is that as I try to communicate with Ignition sometimes it gives me back connected status, sometimes connecting.
The second one is: how do I setup tags in Ignition?
I would use directly the OPC-UA server, and I suppose I have to use the Siemens Addressing mode, like [device name]Address. But It doesn’t work with me, especially I’m trying to read a merker, what should I type to setup tags?
I know it’s kinda basic in someway, but I really need some help.

I report what I have done since now in the attached files.

I forget to tell:

  • Because of my IP changes (dinamyc IP) I have configured a DDNS, and clearly that’s what I set as Hostname for my Device ( 2nd attached picture)
  • If I configure a new device, with the same DDNS, but the protocol changed to Modbus TCP (I need for another application) I have no problem to communicate with Ignition and to create Tags. So basically the problem is not the DDNS as someone may think. Neither the internet ports I think: 102 and 502 ports are open.

Thank you

Write it down (or show picture) how did you configure the Siemens tags…and where…
There is a difference addressing syntax between S7-300 (S7-1500) and S7-1200 (S7-200)…

Did you configure ‘Expose Configured Tags’ in OPC server settings in Ignition gateway?

Thank you for your speedy reply!
You were right, OPC server setting wasn’t enable, now it i, but nothing is changed for now.

For tags I have defined them in Tags folder (global tags).
And I tried couple of different configurations, like:

  • [test]M10#1
  • [test]M10.1
  • [test]MX10.1

to have access to the Merker 10.1 defined in Siemens program and in Ewon.
But I didn’t know there were 2 different configurations for different CPU.
I’ve found just this document: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com:8443/display/DOC/About+Siemens+Addressing

Ok, maybe I’ve found the way. Finally we’re communicating in Modbus using Ewon variables. Ewon has the possibility to publish variables in modbus. So this way We read PLC variables trough Ewon by Ignition.