Ignition Community Conference 2023

The conference is not that far off. Who's going?

{ Me! }

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I'll be there :slight_smile:

I plan to collect on the many beers I've been offered :wink:
I think I owe a few as well.


I wish. Maybe next year. I've become the de facto IT for our small company so I am swamped for the foreseeable future :frowning:

I'm swamped as well, but this is the one don't-miss conference for me this year. Excited to meet people I know from IA, the forum, and beyond. Side note, the marketing matrix should include a checkbox for "Meet the real-life @pturmel."

Any other people from the power systems industry attending? It would be great to organize an informal side event to network within our industry. Maybe a happy hour and/or a group trip to the Folsom Powerhouse historic park I found on the ICC website:

Folsom Powerhouse SHP (Marble relay panel faceplates?! I could do that in Perspective.)

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#20YO…. You must be there. We’ll be there!

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I won't be there, but if you can get a hold of a french dude from 2gi technologie, can you explain to him why he should let me use your SimAid module ?

Happy to! Send him my way. It might ease things if he knows I speak french. (Somewhat--enough that my french in-laws prefer my french over their english.)

Beware of the "accent marseillais" though !

Hah! I can barely distinguish Parisians from others (sister-in-law in Paris, mother-in-law in Bordeaux).

I don't know if I could do that myself, but the south is a whole different levels.
There are people I can't understand in the town I grew up in !

It's the little things that get you. It took an argument with my daughter-in-law (who also speaks some french, thanks to an exchange semester at Georgia Tech's Metz campus) to discover that "pain au chocolat" is the same thing as "chocolatine". 30+ years after first learning "chocolatine".

Oh you stumbled onto something quite touchy there. The chocolatine vs pain au chocolat thing is a running gag in France. Some say you might get kicked out of a bakery for using the wrong term for that particular area.
It's mostly a joke... I hope.

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Team chocolatine here, AXONE-IO, South West!


Chocolatine or pain au chocolat only the taste matter :wink:

Team Beers, from Belgium :stuck_out_tongue:


All set, see you there

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Jury's still out for me! We're sending over some other engineers from other states, but not sure if i'll be going this year or not.

If there are any fellow Jiu-Jitsu practitioners coming into town for ICC, it would be great to get a group together to do a drop-in class.


I'm in! Here's your chance to fight a support rep if there were any tickets that you didn't like the outcome of :smile:


Looking forward to it, I'll be there!