Ignition.conf File Questions

Two questions RE the ignition.conf file:

  1. Is there somewhere that describes all of the different settings you can change?
  2. When changing the garbage collector type, what do the numbers mean in the ‘wrapper.java.additional.NUMBER’, and do these matter #1 what order they’re in and #2 if there are duplicates? I would presume it matters RE duplicates… but really this is a bit of magic to me at the moment (the only real java I’ve been exposed to is with Ignition, and it’s only surface level with a few pot holes)

For example, I have the following in my conf file for the GC (and I only changed due to posts on this forum!):

# Java Additional Parameters

The additional parameters are what normally should be command line arguments. The numbers just express the index of the parameter. As the Java command generally doesn’t need a set order, the numbers itself don’t matter, as long as there are no duplicates (and they probably have to be subsequent too).

There are options that can be passed to the JRE (see a list here, scroll down to the Nonstandard options): https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/tools/solaris/java.html

Other options are Ignition specific, and interpreted by Ignition (like the data dir).

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The rest of the settings/properties (not JVM parameters) are described here.

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Thanks guys, this will keep me out of trouble.