Ignition Connection Problem with Siemens S7-300

Hi I am after some guidance hopefully, have a network with an S7-300 PLC with and S7-1200 polling it for data. I want to connect the S7-300 to ignition, this is where I am seeing the issue, Ignition will connect to the S7-1200 but not the 300.
If i disconnect the S7-1200 PLC from the network ignition will connect straight to the S7-300 with no problems, has anyone come across this, I do not seem to be able to find any settings in Siemens hardware configuration and I am a bit at scratching my head now, I have changed the resourcing levels to accept a different number of connections but this hasn’t helped.

Anything to try would be good?



IP address conflict ?

The 1200 is polling the 300? What connection mechanism is used here?
Check the connection resources in the hardware diagnostics (if available with your processor). Maybe the S7-1200 uses all resources of the S7-300.

Thanks for the replies, not an IP conflict, I will try check the resources.

I am more thinking this is a Siemens frist come frist server issue witht he S7-300 as the S7-1200 is dealing with Ignition and two other PLC’s all over Ethernet connection