Ignition connection to Matrikon UA Tunneller

A client has an OPC DA server and they installed UA Tunneller (Matrikon) and using UA CLIENT TO CLASSIC SERVER. Is it possible Ignition connects to this Tunneller? If yes, how? Do we need to consider the certificate?

Yes, you should be able to.

If this is Ignition 7.x the only consideration you might need to make re: certificates is to make sure the tunneler trusts the Ignition OPC UA client certificate.

The procedure will be similar to connecting to Kepware: https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/Connecting+to+Kepware+OPC-UA

The endpoint URL and UIs will be different.

I went down this painful road 6 years ago. At the time, tunneller was just a re branded version of the OPC foundations reference wrapper. There was no config UI, and it took a few days to even find someone inside Matrikon to troubleshoot. The main thing I remember is that you have to use an actual hostname, not the IP address. Outside of that, we did get it working eventually. Good luck!

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Thanks Kyle_Chase yes you’re right that was the problem but as they cannot change the hostname to IP, I used the override host that solved the issue.

Thanks Kevin it was helpful. Just in case, now I’m connected to the Tunneller and can see the OPC server but when I browse the OPC (from quick client) the Ignition goes on halted for a while and it cannot browse it. There are something like 18000 variables on this server. What do you think the problem is?

I don’t know, sounds like the server isn’t responding within 60 seconds or whatever the default timeout is. If those 18000 variables are in a single folder that could be the problem.

Ah ok got it. after some hours of working the connection shows Faulted with the following error. do you know what would be the issue?

UaException: status=Bad_Timeout, message=request timed out after 16000ms
at org.eclipse.milo.opcua.stack.client.UaTcpStackClient.lambda$scheduleRequestTimeout$13(UaTcpStackClient.java:326)
at io.netty.util.HashedWheelTimer$HashedWheelTimeout.expire(HashedWheelTimer.java:581)
at io.netty.util.HashedWheelTimer$HashedWheelBucket.expireTimeouts(HashedWheelTimer.java:655)
at io.netty.util.HashedWheelTimer$Worker.run(HashedWheelTimer.java:367)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

You’ve probably broken the wrapper somehow and need to restart it :confused:

It’s just timing out somewhere during the connection and session establishment now.

in my experience, when i get that error in ignition when working with my matrikon server the time in not in sync. make sure both servers times are correct. also, depending on what devices you have on your matrikon server it could just need some time to sort through it. just waiting a few hours once i reboot the matrikon server can help

Yes the wrapper need to be restated. The issue was about the tag path configuration. when I browse some specific tags the connection to the matrikon opc becomes Faulted. Those specific tags have the name like “TTI_DD_PD2_Differential pressure Hot water” with tag path of “TTI.3:123”. What do you think about the issue? Do you think the spaces in the name make problem?