Ignition connection to SQL database

We are using licensed version of Ms SQL database. Ignition has a connection to this, and at the same time the database is accessed by check-weighers which keep recording product weight (in a production line, new weight appearing once a second). When Ignition access the data base with query, the check-weigher script (which does the writing) stops. Without Ignition access, the check-weighers keep adding new records, without problem. Has anyone faced such problem before?
Note: Check-weigher are from Germany, reputed brand and the manufacturer supplied the program that collects and stores the data in data-base. I am also getting in touch with the manufacturer for solution.

Does your database have a limited active connections or query limit? This would probably be in the database config file


While you're investigating that I recommend that you have an SQL login for the Ignition connection with Read-Only rights. That way you're never worried about corrupting the database from your application. Use SQL authentication rather than Windows authentication and set it to password "never expire".

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