Ignition connection to Yokogawa DCS

Good day!

I am trying to connect to a Yokogawa FCS (PFCD-E5521/2-TE). I tried with Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU over TCP but had no luck on the connection. There is no default gateway and the switch is unmanaged. I am not that good in networking so I was thinking this is like directly connecting to the DCS. Any suggestions?

Did you try connecting thru OPC UA? Hope Yokogawa supports OPC UA?

Hi Pramanj,

Thanks for the reply.

I think it only supports the old OPCs (DA,HDA,AE) because the unit is old and it is not connected to a server or database. I have configured the IP address. The port I’m using is default because I haven’t found any port settings. It is completely running on Yokogawa’s SCADA Centum VP but I want to replace Centum VP into Ignition SCADA.

I think Ignition does support connectivity with OPC DA but not sure if it support the HDA and AE module of OPC DA. But I think with DA connectivity you should be able to get started with Ignition. The history and alarms can be configured in Ignition, only you may not be able to import the past history data and alarms. You can explore the Ignition configuration section to see what kind of connectivity it supports with OPC DA servers.

I am sure Ignition’s excellent support will be able to guide you thru.


I think I got your point sir. So instead of connecting directly to the DCS, I will connect to the OPC tags and there I will read/write the tags of the DCS.

Thank you very much sir.

Yes exactly. Hope Ignition support team gives you further guidance in your migration journey.