Ignition Consume a lot of memory

Hello Everyone!

I have a sys with Win11 , 16GB Ram , Corei5 , I installed Ignition 8.1 earlier.
Eventhough , everything is closed , and my gateway isnt running.
The platform consumes a lot of memory..........

Please help , as it gets really frustrating at some point

Are you sure your gateway is stopped? Ignition gateway is a service ,starts when windows starts.
And, that could be a designer?

Sure looks like its running.

It consumes as much as you configure it to consume, per the settings in ignition.conf.

Based on what I can see, it seems you have a laptop w/ 8GB of ram. That's enough to run a typical gateway, but not much else. Use a separate machine from the gateway for designer and client UIs.

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I do not thing the gateway is stopped. I just tried it on my computer, when you stop the gateway, it went away.
Ignition website has step by step to stop the gateway.

You just have to stop the service

I just ran this "stop-ignition.bat" file, it closed everything. RAM usage went down right away.