Ignition created tables

Just started some testing with the new beta. Running your latest b2. My first testing is to see what I can do without the new module installed. IE what I can do without buying new module for Alarm notifications. So this problem is seen with those modules not installed.

The alarm event data table is not creating field event_id. Was quarantining data till I added this field.
Once data logs then the id field in this same table is inserting null values.
I also noticed that there is no pk on this table either I would have assumed that the id field would have been pk.

Also one thing I would like to bring that would be really nice has to do with the priority drop down is to have the ability to setup a custom enumeration to fill that drop down at the project level. Instead of having to do it in the bindings for each alarm. Just a thought.

I’ll have to take a look, but one thing that I should post a warning about is that from b1 to b2, we changed the “event_id” column to simply “id” in the alarm_event_data table, to be more consistent (“event_id” in the alarm_event table means something different. Now “id” means the same between both tables). HOWEVER, it should have created that column for you. It sounds like it didn’t, for some reason.

There’s no primary key because… that table doesn’t need one. It’s only referenced based on the id of the alarm event, defined in the other table.

As for the priority, I don’t understand what you want. SQLTags are not part of a project, so I’m not sure how that plays in, and “custom enumeration” to me means different values. Perhaps you could explain a bit more what you mean.


What I meant by the priority deal was to have a project level enumeration for the text values in this list. Right now what we do in the previous system is as you know the state_severity logs a number to the DB I then have a lookup table in the db that crosses to these numbers.

2=Alarm(Drops Excitation)
3=Fault(Trip MG Set)

So in order to show this field this way we needed to make our own alert viewers and the like. Its not a big deal just a thought. All our old stuff will work like we have it just have to make the mods in the queries once table structures are finalized when we move this to production machine at later date.

Sorry, we decided to use the “standard” priorities defined by the Alarm Management Handbook. Numerically equivalent to yours, you’ll just have to tweak the displays via a query or something.

0: Diagnostic
1: Low
2: Medium
3: High
4: Critical

No Problem that’s what I am doing now. It was just a thought.