Ignition dashboard for UniFi Door Access hardware control?

I am looking to create an Ignition dashboard to control my UniFi Door Access hardware and set up notifications - has anyone had experience connecting UniFi Access hardware or the UniFi MongoDB database to Ignition?

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It looks like there may be an undocumented api. I have connected to their camera and network managements systems, but it would take some time to figure out the door management apis. Should be doable, but no one has done it yet.

What sort of integration are you looking for?

If the standard dashboard has all the features you want, then the fastest way of embedding that is with the web browser component.

Following for further interest as I have a UDM-Pro and a few cameras.

Yeah I reckon you’re right about an undocumented API - I’ll contact UniFi and see if they can shed some light.

My plan was to integrate an alarm/notification system to send alerts for unauthorised/afterhours access and configure a customised dashboard with some extra manual controls.