Ignition Data Usage


We’re working on reducing the amount of data our Ignition project is sending and receiving. We’ve increased the poll rate for all bound tags to 5 minutes or more and also increased the project’s Client Poll Rate to once per minute. However, there is still a constant (albeit very small) amount of data being sent/received and not sure what is causing this. We’ve also noticed that data is sent/received when:

 1. Scrolling in a grid
 2. Switching between windows through the tab control

We would appreciate any insight about why data is being sent in these 2 cases in addition to what may be causing a constant flow of data.


Nothing is coming to mind for #1, but #2 is no surprise. Any time window is opened, and it isn’t cached in the client, the resource has to be retrieved from the gateway and deserialized. Set your windows’ cache policy to “always” to avoid this after each window is opened the first time.
Aside from that, I find the timing parameters you’ve selected to be very odd, indeed.

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