Ignition - Database connection pool

I have configured a database connection to the SQL database for historical data logging. Even though, there is 20 connections available in the pool for this connection, i notice that only one connection is used at any time. However, the local cache keeps filling up. Yesterday it was 30% full and now it around 70% full. Even though connections to the database are available, Store and forward component is not using it. How to force Store/forward component using multiple connections from the pool and clear the cache

Could be a bug. Could be a limitation in the JDBC driver. Could be a configuration mistake. You haven’t provided nearly enough information to tell. So:

  • What DB brand and version?
  • What JDBC driver version?
  • What Ignition version?
  • Are there errors in the wrapper log that look relevant?
  • Can you show us the connection pool settings?

If urgent, consider opening a support ticket and having them look over your shoulder.