Ignition datatable

Good afternoon, I have a problem. I have data that is written to the database every evening. I need to create a table and a window where you can select a date and from there extract the data into the table and show it to the user, it should also be possible to change the data at any time, thank you

Database Type ? Mysql,MSsql,Postgres
Table Structure ?
Vision or Perspective?

Those info are needed before we can help you.
You will need at least two queries. One select and one to update data.

Database MySQL,
Can u show some example




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I would suggest to use a select to get the data into a power table and then execute and update row query on a cell edited event

The users on the forum are very helpful, but not many of them have the time or are willing to do all of the work for you.

What have you tried and what didn't work?

This should be a very simple window to create, and it's been a while, but I'm fairly certain that all the examples you need are available at Inductive University.

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If only there were companies that offered this service!! :rofl: