Ignition dealing with power outage

Hello community,

We have recently purchased an Edge device (windows 10 pro) that is running an Ignition project and storing data into a MS SQL database.

We are concerned that the project, database, or OS might get corrupted in the case of a power failure.

How does Ignition deal with power outages? I would also appreciate any suggestions on how to design a reliable system that does not get corrupted in the event of a power failure.

Thanks in advance

I have a server running a gateway that has been through many many power cuts and it’s all good

Ignition, databses, and (presumably Linux on the raspberry pi) OS’s are pretty resliiant against power outages these days. Never had a DB or Ignition project get corrupted from a power outage.

However, you can do the following if you’re worried -

  1. Regularly scheduled Gateway backups per the gateway configuration page.
  2. Backup databases regularly, using a cronjob or similar.

You can save these locally as I mentioned before I think your not really in danger of your whole OS getting fried, but if you are worried, you can also save these copies on cloud storage somewhere.

This is probably overkill but you can also completely backup the SD card in the raspberry pi and save that somewhere, which probably would take care of everything in one go.

Hi @ignitionfan1,

There is also redundancy for Ignition, but this could be costly (50% of license cost + another edge box to run it on, I think). So it all comes down to how critical it is to keep the edge device running. You would still need to manage your DB backup and OS backups separately.

@bkarabinchak.psi suggestion is probably your best bet if you’re worried

To reduce the chances of a power failure in your Edge Computer, you can use a power regulator with batery backup to get an extra 20 or 30 minutes of energy to keep your device working while the enery is out, some regulators can even shut down your edge computer after some time without energy to protect it from an enery crash.