Ignition Demo VM displays in small window after import to hyperV

I imported Ignition VM Ubuntu 18.04 LTSA to hyper-V so it can run a lot faster as Hyper-V is hypervisor level 1 as compared to vmware which is level 2.
I was very happy when the import succeeded but the display is tiny 1152x864.
I did manage to add new mode of resolution using Xrandr command to support 1920x1080 but the resolution still not changed after selecting 1920x1080. Maybe drivers need to be updated somehow?
I tried various linux forum without success.
Any linux fans here? @pturmel
I pulled nearly all my hair and might not like to use linux for a long time...

I don't run Linux on non-Linux hypervisors, sorry. Guests on Qemu-KVM scale to large resolutions on my front ends seamlessly.

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i gave up this issue and reverted to standard VMware which runs sluggish but i have a luxury of a full screen :slight_smile:

when using QEMU-KVM is it possible to have vmware and hyper-v (as i do now) or they cannot cohabit together on one computer?

Qemu-kvm is a Linux-only technology, so certainly cannot cohabit with Hyper-V. It uses the hardware virtualization features of your host CPU, which generally cannot be shared with other hypervisors, like VMware.

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