Ignition Designer 8.0.3 Report Preview not Matching Emailed PDF


I am fairly new to using Ignition Designer, and I have run into a problem I haven’t found a solution for.

Using time series charts and tag historian queries, I have been putting together a report. Initially, I didn’t like how the data was displayed. My first search was for how to add a trend line to the time series plot, which came up empty.

Next, I tried altering the ‘Aggregation Mode’ within the Tag Historian to ‘Basic Average’. This appeared to work when I viewed the preview of my report, but when I sent a test email with PDF attached, the graphs still looked as they did when the ‘Aggregation Mode’ was set to ‘Min/Max’.

My two questions would be: Is there a way to add a trend line to a time series chart in a report? And, what might I be doing wrong to not have the preview match the emailed PDF?

Thanks in advance,