Ignition designer 8.0 Where is a dark themes?

Hi, I have launched a ignition designer 8.0.6. How is possible change a white background?


The white background is blinding.

Only I have this problem? All development software is going dark, Ignition in reverse.


Styling Java Swing applications (such as the designer, or Vision clients) is an extremely non-trivial affair. The look and feel changes in 8.0 ended up causing a variety of issues for running Vision clients, and we’ve already officially ‘closed’ the suggestion to add a dark theme to the Ignition Designer on our ideas portal:

There is a dark theme available for Perspective (that will be significantly enhanced in a large theme revamp coming sometime soon-ish). For the foreseeable future, the Designer won’t be getting any other themes.

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Meh. I’m old enough to have seen this fad before. It’ll last only until businesses tally the ergonomic costs (eye-strain related productivity losses), sometimes as actual costs.

White background with black text wins in the end. Any less overall brightness+contrast yields more eyestrain. If you think about how the human eye’s pupil works, and its impact on depth of field, it’ll help one understand why.


Old thread, but i've got to agree with you, the white is kinda agressive. Even if text is black, if it's very small, it hurt the eyes. I've got to put my monitor on "Eco Mode" to make it readable