Ignition Designer extremely slow and lagging

We have multiple people using the Ignition designer at work, some are on Mac and some are on PC. The people on Mac are experiencing pretty terrible lag on the Ignition Designer app, but the people using PC’s are just fine even though they have the same specs on their laptops. Has anyone else dealt with this discrepancy before and have any tips?

Can you give us a little more detail about what you mean by “lag” in the designers? Is it when designing certain screens or what?

Half the development department here is on MacBook Pro’s but nobody seems to have any issues.

It doesn’t sound like this is your issue, but on the off-chance it is relevant, I have run into cases where reducing logging in Designer (via Diagnostics window setting logging level to warn) greatly reduced Designer CPU usage. It took Designer from click and wait a minute to completely responsive again.

We boosted the RAM to 16gb and Cores to 6 (I think) that our EC2 instance was working with and upped the RAM per designer to 4gb and I am still getting lag when scripting and designing windows that is a huge blocker for getting work done. Pretty sure that it is a client-side issue at this point.

Tried resetting all the logs to WARN over INFO but they reset on each session and its kinda a pain to reset them whenever you open the application.

My laptop is a brand new 8gb RAM, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro

If your gateway is not on your LAN, you really need to audit all of your scripting to make sure every single function that needs a round trip to the gateway is in an asynchronous call, not directly in your event functions. Events are single-threaded with the Swing GUI. Round trips out to the internet and back on the GUI thread will yield such behavior.