Ignition Designer failing to open browser sign-on on temp server

I pulled a gateway backup from our development environment (8.1.23) and installed it on an older laptop (recently updated to Win10-22H2, and running Ignition 8.1.27) we are leaving at our customer site so our site team can test systems as they complete them with the SCADA system. I'm trying to confirm everything is set up right, as at the office we use AD, remote we just want them to use the internal Ignition permissions handler, so I reset the password (had to grab a newer backup after I arrived on site, so I had to redo the permission work. I went to login to Designer, and it connects to the local host, puts up the "We care about your security", but when I hit "Login", it doesn't open the browser, it just goes to where I can access the project, but when I hit open, it tells me I don't have permissions. I have tried clearing the browser cache on the default browser, and even changing to a different login on the Ignition user control. I have the Identity handler and whatnot properly swapped over.

I can launch the Perspective view from the "launch project" option on the gateway, and it seems to be fine.

I'm going to add, I'm a PLC guy, our SCADA guy is in the office, and he drew a blank before I started this thread. It isn't a big deal for us currently, as the site team isn't SCADA either, but now it's just me not wanting to be beaten by a program.

Hi Kevin,

Did this work in the development environment where you pulled the 8.1.23 backup from? Just to clarify, are you launching Designer or a Perspective Session where you are unable to authenticate?

The "reset password" function, which then causes recommissioning, only overrides the gateway web interface security, not the requirements for designers or secured clients. It does so by creating a temporary user source and pointing gateway security at that. The original user source configuration is still there, and everything else still points at it.

Go back into that gateway and fix all the user sources to get completely switched over.

I believe on the original client we were still using the Designer on the legacy setting, which was "hybrid" AD setup, which had been manually configured to get everyone access.

My "cheat", was to rename the permission for designer in AD to match the ignition permission name.