Ignition Designer Freezing

The Ignition Designer is freezing up when I try to place a url in the document viewer.

Also, I wanted to try to use the PDF viewer in the Reporting Palette but I cannot run any Reporting features in the Trial Mode?

Ignition Version 7.2.2 (b6567)

The document viewer is not the best HTML viewer. It is freezing because it can’t handle that HTML. It can only handle simple HTML.

The PDF viewer should work in trial mode. Do you get a watermark or does it not work at all?

I do see a watermark but the PDF is missing pieces… :scratch:

It freezes up with the simplest html sites…

At the risk of sounding cheeky: they must not be simple enough.

Seriously - the “document viewer” is extremely limited in what it can handle. We are working on including much much better HTML and PDF viewing components in Ignition, but we need to work out some licensing details because they are 3rd party commercial products.

Is there still being progess made on a more advanced URL viewer?
I have an application for this.

Yes, thanks for the nudge - good to know there is interest for this. Can’t promise when but likely within the 7.3 timeframe (that means maybe not 7.3.0, but later in a 7.3 incremental release)

How simple must be the html document? Because i tried to use this document:


15.3. time — Time access and conversions — Python v2.7.2 documentation

15.3. Time access and conversions

Although this module is always available, not all functions are available on all platforms. Most of the functions defined in this module call platform C library functions with the same name. It may sometimes be helpful to consult the platform documentation, because the semantics of these functions varies among platforms.


And the system froze up. Is It possible to use a html with images?

I think maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree. I tried that document and it worked just fine - it’s certainly “simple enough”

Explain exactly what you’re doing so that I can replicate it here. For example: I created a new document viewer, changed the content type to “text/html” and copied-and-pasted your html into the “text” property, and it worked just fine.

What i’m trying is viewing a html document with images using URL property.

A few days ago, I put the google URL in document viewer and It opened the webpage without problems. How can I use an HTML document with images in the document viewer?

A few days ago, I put the google URL in document viewer and It opened the webpage without problems. How can I open a HTML document with images in the document viewer from the local disk?

You can set the Page URL to something like:file://localhost/C:/myfolder/file.txt Take a look at the docs for the document viewer:

inductiveautomation.com/supp … orpane.htm

I found that with ActiveX module there’s Internet Explorer component where I can open web pages from the internet and from local files without problems :laughing:

For those not on windows another workaround to launch browser with url in script is

import java.awt.Desktop as Desktop
import java.net.URI as URI

if Desktop.isDesktopSupported():

the pythonic webbrowser module is not present.

Thank you for the additional input on this thread.