Ignition Designer lagging/freezing

Our company is going to update from Ignition 7.9 to 8 soon, so I decided to install the new designer version to try it out, but after I installed version 8, both designers (7.9 and 8) started lagging a lot (every click takes a minute or two for the designer to respond and let me click/do something again).
I’ve tried removing both versions and reinstalling just 7.9 (both the web start and the native application) and Java but the Issue persists.
Please help me out.

Update; the Web Start Designer for 7.9.1 does not start anymore…
Java splash screen opens and closes, but the applications doesn’t come up.
The native windows designer still works, but hangs at startup and at every click, it is impossible to work with these king of delays…

As java became more and more restrictive, accommodations were included in later versions of the 7.9.x series. Your troubles sound vaguely like some of those. Consider converting to 7.9.11 or 7.9.12 first, stabilizing, then converting to v8.

Or ask support to look over your shoulder.

Thanks! But I figured what the issue was.
ADGroup login was the culprit, seems someone had to restore the gateway to an earlier backup and it broke the login.
Switched to the Hybrid login and now my designer is running smoothly again.