Ignition Designer Launcher is not opening in Windows-7

Designer is not opening after clicking Open Designer Button.
Installed latest version Java.

Any Errors on launch?

You shouldn't need to install Java on 8.0 or later.

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Is this 32-bit Windows? If so, I don't think it is supported. But anyways, look for the designer launcher log file in the .ignition folder and look for the actual designer command line that it tried to run. Copy that and run it in a terminal to see what might be going on. Share the output of that terminal here, perhaps (be sure to use the preformatted text styling in the comment editor).



My system is Windows7 64bit operating system.

I copied the cmd line and pasted in terminal and one cmd window opened then suddenly closed.
Kindly share any example of preformatted styling and how to load the cmd line.

which is version is compatible.

After clicking the Open designer button, This window is opened and closed.

It is built into the software in 8.0 and newer due to Java Licensing changes. You shouldn't need to install any java separately unless you are in 7.9.x(can't remember what version) or older.