Ignition Designer Login Problems

Login failed.

When launching the designer i get to username and password and hit the following:
GatewayException: Function ‘Login.designer’ requires 4 arguments, got 3
Ignition v8.1.10 (b2021090812)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.11

It might help to know that the system used to use active directory that has since been removed and retargeting the default security provider… not matter what i do it just returns requires 4 got 3 arguments…

Has anyone else seen this before?
I’m still unable to use the designer…

I have not experienced your exact issue, but these instructions should get you access:

If you can get into the gateway webpage still login there

Then go to: Config > System > Projects

then on the project you’re having the issue with press the Edit button

Then point the Connections > User Source dropdown to the new user source

Given that a check, thanks for the info but they are set to the desired “default”.
The gwcmd idea also failed… it reset the password and exactly the same problem… have no problem now or before logging into the gateway webpage, and also have no problems using the designer on other project…

Just to gather a bit more data, can you provide information on the versions of Designer Launcher that you’re using as well as the version of the Ignition Gateway (presumably 8.1.10?).

Version 1.1.10 of the Designer Launcher.

I have also installed the designer on a separate virtual machine from the gateway, and the result is the same.

I’d say it has to do with designer permissions in the project properties, especially if you switched providors. Try:

  • Export the problem project from the gateway page.
  • Create a new project in the designer
  • Import the project you just exported into the new project-- uncheck the project properties first.

I’ll give that a go a go as a last resort, have a few project and quite a few connections to remake in that case, would be nice to find the root of it… but thank you for your suggestion, it might be what I end up doing.

Is this when you first start the designer, or after you log in, and it’s trying to load the project list?

Open Designer after selecting the connection… asks for user and password, i enter usr/pwd… then error… i dont get to see the project list

Have you looked at the Security → General page in the gateway, and check what designer roles are there?

What i believe is quite standard.

Did you recently upgrade the Gateway from an old version to 8.1.10?

If so, could you DM me your gateway-8.1.10.jar file in $GATEWAY_HOME/lib/core/gateway/? I suspect an old version of the jar is laying around, maybe something went wrong during the upgrade process and left the old jar(s) in place? That’s what the error you posted leads me to believe anyway…

i see… i have 8.1.10 & 8.1.9 ! its in ubuntu so might take a moment to get the jar out

you mean to tell me that you have two jar files in $GATEWAY_HOME/lib/core/gateway/:

  1. gateway-8.1.9.jar
  2. gateway-8.1.10.jar

Correct… might be time for a fresh install

Yeah that’s your problem right there. The Gateway must have loaded classes from the 8.1.9 jar even though it is supposed to be on 8.1.10. A correct install / upgrade would not have both jars in there…

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Did you use the .run installer to do the upgrade or manually via the .zip distribution? Just wanting to make sure we tie up any loose ends on this issue if needed. If you used the .zip package, there are definitely more ways for things to end up in a bad state if the upgrade process isn’t followed precisely.


I’m going to say this is user error, and yes *.zip. Simply deleting the 8.1.9 jar lets me in, but i’m going to do a fresh install now. Thank you all so much for the help and its great we got to the bottom of it !