Ignition Designer Not Saving Changes


Our ignition designer is not saving changes to our Prospective project. We attempt to create a new perspective view and when we attempt to save and reopen the project the changes are reverted. PLEASE HELP.
I have uploaded a screenshot and a copy of the console

error.txt (33.3 KB)

  • Jonathan

A NoSuchMethodError indicates something is fundamentally broken in the Java files available to the local runtime.
The most likely cause of this, from experience, is a flawed ZIP "install".

You should first check that your module's versions agree with the platform. If they do, then you will need to take a gateway backup, uninstall cleanly, then reinstall and restore your backup.

Or, you can contact support, and they can get a live look at your system and get a better idea of what might have gone wrong.

Thank you, I have completed the clean reinstall and so far no issues.

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