Ignition Designer: Property Editor Filter Properties

Is there anyway to set this so it will always show “All” or “Expert” or whatever the user chooses? I find that I am always needing more than the “Basic” option, especially as someone who is new and learning the software in a very hands on sense. If this isn’t available, I’d like to make this a feature request to remember what the user selects either per project or across all projects.


There currently is not a way to do this.

I will move the thread to the feature request section.

We always just choose “Expert.”

It would be really nice if the Designer either stored the user’s Property Editor filter state when Designer is closed or had a startup filter state setting in the preferences.


I totally agree with you there, jamess. I always use the All setting in properties, and always have to set it to that.

It would really be nice if the designer had a table of user’s settings that it would update when you close the designer and read when you open it back up, like what windows are open, property display level, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter the environment just as you left it when you closed the designer? Microsoft’s Visual Studio does this for every project you open in it, so when you open it tomorrow, you are looking at exactly what you saw when you closed it today. Very handy. Since the developers are not busy at all, this will give them something to do. :wink: