Ignition Designer Runtime Error

Hello All I am getting following error when I start runtime. I have used import system, re and my project modules app in my script modules. The same backup is working on another PC. I did reinstall process but it is of no use.
I am using Igniton 7.3.7 32 bit linux version.

Error Running Function from fpmi.system.invokeAsynchronous

Thanks in advance


It looks to me like your script (wherever it is, on a window open, or client startup) just isn’t correct. There is no “fpmi.system.invokeAsynchronous” function, instead it’s system.util.invokeAsynchronous (and just for reference, for backwards compatibility, “system” could be replaced with “fpmi”).

I suspect your other system simply isn’t running this code, due to state or something. Or, if it’s a different version, I suppose the error could be handled in a different way.


We were getting the fpmi.system.invokeAsynchronous Error when we had illegal characters (, . # - &) in our tags; removing them resolved the issue for us.