Ignition Designer Tags browser mixed all projects' tags togather

Hi, I have problem to deal with Ignition Designer Tags browser, currently I have 2 projects in Ignition Designer, one is for S7-1500, another is for AB CompactLogix, I noticed this 2 projects sharing one Tags browser in term of if opened S7-1500 project its Tags browser not only contents S7-1500 tags but also contents AB CompactLogix project tags, vice versa, can someone advise how to eliminate this issue?


Create a tag provider for each project and make it the project default in the Project Properties in the Designer, or install Ignition on two independent servers. Tags are Gateway-scoped, not project-scoped; they are available to all projects. However each project has an assigned (default) tag provider. You can still access tags from other tag providers, but you need to explicitly name the provider to pull the tags from.


got it, thanks nminchin !