Ignition Designerlauncher is not starting in Linux RaspberryPi

I installed Maker on Linux RaspberryPi. I downloaded Designer Launcher for Linux and extracted the files to a directory. I double click the Designer Launcher script, but nothing is happening. Please help.

The Designer Launcher (and the Designer) will not run on the RPi itself.

You can run the gateway there and launch them both from another PC.

Great. Thank you so much.

Is this explicitly true, or just best practice? I transferred my personal Maker edition to a more robust machine a few months ago, but I feel like I had previously set up the designer launcher on my Raspberry Pi 4 that hosted Maker edition and had launched the designer from it at least once. I could be mis-remembering my experience though.

I think you are mis-remembering. I’m pretty sure we don’t have support for JXBrowser or JavaFX on ARM yet. JXBrowser is required for the Designer when using Perspective, and the launchers are JavaFX.

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