Ignition Development Environment: Copying the project on same gateway


On one of our sites we have a production server, but don’t have the development environment. We are directly developing on the production server.

It is decided to copy the existing project (Relevant resources) on the same gateway with a different name (Project name_dev). I also understand that the tags are common at the gateway level!

Whether this approach will work without disturbing the running project in production? Is it recommended first of all?

Please guide me :slight_smile:


Developing in a copy of the project on the same server will allow you to make and test project changes before deploying them to production. As you note, this doesn’t provide any separation of tags, so any changes or writes from your development environment will affect the production environment in this scenario. The same applies to connected databases and any other gateway resources that are separate from the copied project.

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If the copied project has gateway events, those will be running twice–once in the original and again in the copy. If you disable those in the copy, it is not an unreasonable approach.

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