Ignition development git best practice with multiple programmers


I'm trying to setup the best workflow on an Ignition project with multiple programmers.

I have a mcu firmware developpement background so I'm used to work on a git repo where the project is cloned on our local machine and we make the development in an IDE.

I've read the following paper :

But I don't understand the workflow with multiple programers since the projets files need to be stored in the folder /project on the gateway server.

Right now we have a server with a VM that is the gatweay on wich we all work.

I understand that with the binaires (we are working on vision) a typical worflow with branches and merges might not be possible. But being able to snap shot the project in time with comments, knowing who did the commit, being able to roll back to older version would help for the project development.

Do you have any suggestion on a Ignition developpment environnement with multiple programmers?

You will all need your own VM, plus the "master" VM.

Branches should be fine, but merges that involve the same resources will be ugly (and require touchups to resource.json hashes).

Thanks @pturmel !

Do you have any link to provide that could help me to set that up?

Sorry, no. I use git a great deal for module development, but not for Ignition itself.