Ignition device connection does not updates OPC tags

We are using Ignition V8.1.3 in which we faced issue of updating OPC tags. We have checked in Status of device which was showing "Connected" and in Status> Tags also it was showing quality of the tag as "Good"
But when we checked tag values in the PLC we found that PLC values were updating properly so I restarted the Ignition gateway service and then OPC tags in the Ignition tag provider started showing correct values.
What may be the issue and how to identify this issue on Gateway and what may be the solution for it?

First, upgrade. v8.1.3 is ancient.

I have a similar issue in V8.1.9. Most tags update correctly but on occasion I will find a tag which is stuck at an old value in Ignition, but the PLC has changed. The current "solution" is to restart the tag and it comes right.
Did you find any solution to your issue or just upgrade as suggested? And did this solve it if so?

I've not found any solution till now but the problem has not occurred again since last time. We have not updated Ignition but soon going to update it because any how for recent security updates, Ignition has recommended to use latest version.
Hopefully with the latest version these kind of issue wont appear.