Ignition DNP3 driver questions


I would like to seek some advice about the DNP3 driver:

  1. Does it support any string datatypes?
    OctetString is mentioned in the DNP3 user manual. But there’s no subfolder for the string type under “Points” folder.
  2. Does it have g0 (Device Attribute) data?

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Unfortunately the driver does not support either of these things.

What object/point type were you expecting to have a value with a String type?

Hi @Kevin.Herron,
The object group g110 is specifically for string datatypes in the DNP3 protocol.
This is quite common in RTUs as things like the name of the application code running on it, or even for almost the entire configuration. The Site Sentinel devices (https://37s.com.au/products/3g-4g-cellular/) take pretty much all of their configuration parameters via g110 ‘string points’.

The group 0 device attributes objects are useful to determine the firmware version of the deployed device, as well as the serial number, the manufacturer model and type etc etc.


Hmm. After a quick look it does look like the driver supports g110 Octet String and that it even erroneously treats the bytes as a UTF-8 String instead of just reporting an opaque byte[] value.

You may just need to manually address these points.

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