Ignition Documentation Not Found By Google. Anyone else?

Ever since the new documentation website rollout, google isn't returning any results from the documentation website. Initially all the links were broken, but now there isn't anything returned. Typically if I can't remember settings or syntax I just google something like "Ignition scripting open desktop" and usually the first result would be the page for system.gui.openDesktop.

Now almost no results google returns are to docs.inductiveautomation.com and it's quite the hinderance. Maybe indexing is turned off while the website is finalized?

Has anyone else noticed this?


It's the second result on the page, for me. Adding docs to the query pushes it to the top. We're all at the mercy of Google here, I suspect.

I'll take this opportunity to plug setting up custom search engines in your web browser of choice, e.g: Set default search engine and site search shortcuts - Computer - Google Chrome Help

So you can just directly search the site you intend to find results on, instead of trusting Google to do it for you.


Yeah, I realize it's not an Inductive Automation thing, it's just a bit weird that the documentation was super easy to find, and now (for me at least) getting 1 result from the documentation site is exciting.

Thanks for the link on setting up custom search shortcuts, I'll have to set that up in my browser

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