Ignition does not create tables in database

I created a new project, set history on tags, created a transaction group, and Ignition will not work with the database.
I’m using mySQL and have my data base connections set and connected. There is a red X at the transaction group in the project tree. The alarms that worked yesterday do not work today. The errors state Table:Test2.alarm_events doesn’t exist. I also get Table:test2.sqlth_sce doesn’t exist. test2 is the schema name in my DB. All I can find is that Ignition auto creates tables. Drag component onto the window and Ignition auto creates the tables. That box on my transaction group creation screen is checked. If the connections are valid and connected then why doesn’t ignition create the tables?

I might know what’s going on. What account are you using to connect to the database with Ignition? What happens if you use the administrator account?

If you use MYSQL Workbench and look at the tables in the database are there some weird ones like SQLTH and stuff?

Administrator account.

I’ve not paid much attention to this question since I have had other problems with Ignition locking up so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with a clean gateway, reloaded the added modules and imported my project. Then I saw tables so I think this part is working.