Ignition does not run as service on Ubuntu Server 15.10

Start by saying!! I’m not a linux expert … :frowning:
I installed ignition 7.8.1 on ubuntu server 15.10
I followed the help to install ignition in ubuntu. everything works correctly, but ignition does not run automatically at the start up. I need always run the command sudo /etc/init.d/ignition start .

If I show the services with the command sysv-rc-cong i see like the picture in attacment and seems the ignition service configurated correctly


Moreover seems the ignition service not loaded , showing this picture!!
[attachment=0]service status.png[/attachment]

Can you help me? has anyone a suggestion for me?

Thank you very much


Ubuntu 15.10 uses the systemd boot and management skeleton instead of the previous upstart system. Most linux distributions are switching to it for a variety of reasons, but boot speed and support for cgroups/containers seem to be at the top of the list.
I’ve been playing with systemd on a couple systems, but haven’t needed to commit yet, as I tend to stick to long-term supported distros (ubuntu 14.04 at the moment). I was planning on dealing with this when the new Ubuntu LTS shows up in April.
The bottom line is that a systemd .service configuration file needs to be written, as systemd ignores SysV scripts in /etc/init.d/.


Thank you very much!!!
I’ll try with Ubuntu 14.04