Ignition Downgrade Procedure

What is the procedure to downgrade ignition from 7.5.10 to 7.5.4? We have experienced numerous issues with 7.5.10, and need to go back to the last working version. The stability of OPC connections with 7.5.10 is terrible even after upgrading Kepserverex to 5.12.

The downgrade process isn’t exactly the smoothest:

  1. Make (or have on hand already) a gateway backup.
  2. Run the uninstaller.
  3. Run the installer for the version you want to downgrade to.

Ideally you have a gateway backup taken from the version you want to revert to since we don’t promise forward-compatibility, but in this case I’m not sure if anything will prevent a 7.5.10 backup from being restored onto 7.5.4 if you don’t have one already.

concerning the licences, if I need to downgrade from 8.1.25 to 8.0.17 then I compulsory need to un-activate the licence and activate again the licence in the lower version, isn't it?

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You shouldn't expect this to work. There is so much in a major version change that won't go backwards.

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I think that our licence is hooked to 8.0.x version, I also have a gateway backup from 8.0.9 :slight_smile:
the problem is precisely the licence, I tried to update from 8.0.9 to 8.1.25 but the licence does not work, the gateway still in trial mode even if the modules are listed as applied licence... so I'm considering to roll-back the version to 8.0.17 (last one from 8.0.x major version).
it should work, isn't it?
thanks for you prompt reply!
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Licenses are not compatible across major versions. If your system is under a support contract, your IA sales contact will fix the license for free. If not, you must pay an upgrade fee.

You should never let support expire if you are not on a long-term supported version (2nd element of the version being odd).

If you must. Don't expect any changes you made in v8.1 to work after roll back. Consider de-activating your license, wiping the machine, installing 8.0.17, restoring your 8.0.9 backup, and then activating.

v8.0.x is not supported, and hasn't been supported for quite some time.

thanks very much for your explanation, it's much appreciated !
when you said "wiping the machine", what do you mean?
uninstalling the 8.1.25 is not enough ?
thanks again!

I would wipe the install folder (make sure the license has been de-activated) so there's no stray information from v8.1 that v8.0's installer won't understand.

I understand, thanks very much!!
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