Ignition Downgrade Procedure

What is the procedure to downgrade ignition from 7.5.10 to 7.5.4? We have experienced numerous issues with 7.5.10, and need to go back to the last working version. The stability of OPC connections with 7.5.10 is terrible even after upgrading Kepserverex to 5.12.

The downgrade process isn’t exactly the smoothest:

  1. Make (or have on hand already) a gateway backup.
  2. Run the uninstaller.
  3. Run the installer for the version you want to downgrade to.

Ideally you have a gateway backup taken from the version you want to revert to since we don’t promise forward-compatibility, but in this case I’m not sure if anything will prevent a 7.5.10 backup from being restored onto 7.5.4 if you don’t have one already.