Ignition Edge 8.02 Ubuntu Install Syntax Error

Ok, so to start off, I am not very familiar with Ubuntu OS, so I may be making some mistakes here. I am trying to install Ignition Edge 8.02 on an Ubuntu (14.04) machine. I have gotten to the point where I have extracted the files from the zip file and when I try to run the .bat file I get: the following messages:

shambaugh@ubuntu:/usr/local/bin/ignition$ sudo ./install-ignition.bat ./install-ignition.bat: 1: ./install-ignition.bat: @echo: not found
: not foundgnition.bat: 2: ./install-ignition.bat: setlocal
: not foundgnition.bat: 3: ./install-ignition.bat:
: not foundgnition.bat: 4: ./install-ignition.bat: rem
./install-ignition.bat: 5: ./install-ignition.bat: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

Just as a note, I previously installed normal Ignition on this machine by mistake and had no issues. I uninstalled it and this is where I am at on Ignition Edge.

.bat files are for Windows. Use the .sh file in Linux.

This does not bode well for your deployment. A local class in linux administration might be advised. /:

Thank you, I had thought I downloaded the linux zip file, but it looks like I chose the windows one instead.