Ignition Edge accessing Tag History

From my understanding, Ignition Edge has an internal storage provider built in, which can used to store a limited amounts of data. However, when setting up tag history on a tag, the storage provider is not shown...

I've also tried to manually type in the Historian Name (Edge Historian, by default) or the tag provider. Regardless, I cannot any get any data using system.tag.queryTagHistory, or find the history of the tag using a PowerChart component in perspective. I have also setup the tag group with the appropriate history settings. Am I missing something?
I also saw that this page exists on how configure the internal storage provider in Ignition 8.0, but that page does not exists in Ignition 8.1 Tag History Gateway Settings - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation

On the Gateway, Go to Config -> Gateway Settings -> Historian Name
Yours might be blank.

Unfortunately, there isn't a manual specifically tailored to Edge and some things are a bit different.

That wasn't it, but restarted the tag historian module and it showed up

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