Ignition Edge: Adding new users/roles gateway locks up


I’m having an issue with an Ignition Edge installation, where i’m trying to add new users and roles via the gateway webpage, however when clicking OK to add the new user/role, the browser just shows it’s loading and eventually I get an Internal Server error displayed.
When I try to go back to the homepage (/main/web/home), I get the internal error as well.
Trying to login via http://localhost:8088/main/web/signin the webpage shows, but the sign in button basically just refreshes the page to the same login page, despite correct credentials being entered. No errors or any information.

Backup in the Designer, I can no longer save the project anymore. A gateway restart fixes the issues.

I’ve attached a thread dump if that helps, otherwise what else is helpful to diagnose?Ignition-Win7LinkingBase_thread_dump_20200320-161447.txt (57.8 KB)

Wrapper log. For me, such internal errors have always shown up in detail there.

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This is a known issue in 7.9.13 (a regression I introduced :man_facepalming:) It’s fixed for 7.9.14, but there’s no workaround; if you need to get things working, you’ll have to roll back to 7.9.12.

For what it’s worth, 7.9.14 is projected for ~May. No idea if that will end up changing.

Thanks Paul (for the info, not the regression :grin:)
Can I just install 7.9.12 over the top and should be good?
Does this also affect non-edge?

It does affect non-Edge, although it doesn’t manifest as severely. You’ll want to remove the lib directory and installed modules, at a minimum - really, a full uninstall is probably the way to go. While it’s likely it’ll go off without a hitch going down a single minor version, you’ll be prevented from directly restoring the .gwbk onto the earlier version, so you’ll have to do some surgery in the .gwbk file itself.