Ignition Edge and Transaction Group Data

We are currently using a full version of Ignition running on a server that controls and records data from multiple machines. In order to improve system reliability we are considering utilizing edge instances at each machine. However, we currently use transaction groups to record formatted tag data to a database every few minutes. We use this data for our process records.

In the case of a network related failure, we understand that the store and forward would allow the tag history for the edge instance to be retained and sent to the server once the connection is remade.

However, how would we backfill/reconstruct the missing process data that would normally be recorded via the transaction groups?

How far do you need to take this? Do you need Edge panel for control as well? Or is this simply data collection?

You could just go with local instances of SQL Bridge + PLC driver instead of Edge if it’s just data.

We would use the edge instance as a local hmi at each machine.

Edge devices can’t do transaction groups. You would need to use SQL Bridge + PLC Driver + Single Client Ignition license. Or consider if you can move away from transaction groups and use tag history.