Ignition Edge architectures

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Right now we are developing some new applications that need local panel behavior and storage, this thus server is a little slow and sometimes it disconnects, (we have an Ignition Gateway installed at the server).
The specifics in this project is as follow:

  • HMI functionality connected to PLC, should be able to support server disconnection
  • Process Data collection and storage on a server base SQL data base, works one week

I’ve been reading about Edge products and it seems something like the Hub-and-Spoke with Local Client Fallback works for my application, but i have some doubts.

  • What’s the difference between using edge sync services and edge IIoT, it’s seems to me pretty similar, but also I’m not an expert in terms of the topic.
  • Do I need Edge EAM installed for automatic system reconnection?, and this Edge EAM works for more than 1 edge client (If the project succeed this may be used as an standard in the factory)

Thanks in advance for your support


Edge Sync Services are mostly meant to sync your Edge tags, history, audit logs, journals, and alarms to another Ignition gateway. Since Edge is meant to be a “spoke”, this basically pushed everything on the “spoke” to the “hub”.

In contrast, Edge IIoT is meant for MQTT. It lets you push data to an MQTT broker and essentially makes your computer a remote MQTT publisher.

Here are some links to our user manual that may help you better understand the difference:

In terms of your second question, if I understand you correctly, it seems like you are asking if you need Edge EAM in order to restore a dropped Gateway Network (GAN) connection between a “hub” and “spoke”? If so, no, those GAN connections should restore automatically.

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Thanks for your help!

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